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BigAnt Messenger is the perfect substitute for Windows Live Messenger and any other similar application in the office.

It consists of an instant messaging program designed for all types of organizations that allows you to create a closer network of users with whom you can have text, voice and video conversations via a local network or the Internet.

BigAnt Messenger consists of a client and a server. The server is in charge of centralizing the communications and give service to the clients. It uses an Access database to store the information or an SQL Server. In it, it must enlist users and user groups that will form the enterprise network. It is also necessary to define rules to limit the access to the functions on the client's behalf.

To connect to the network you need a user name and password, as well as a server IP address. The services offered by BigAnt Messenger as a messaging client are: text conversations, phone and videoconference calls, file and folder sending, conversation history, screenshots, offline message, etc.

30 day trial period. In the application's official website you can obtain a free license for a maximum of ten users.

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